Q: What is unique about NIMA?

A: NIMA is a world class medical esthetics school and laser institute that is one of the few to nationally offer advanced aesthetics, cosmetic laser and cosmetic injection curriculum for physician and non-physician students. Headquartered at the base of the Wasatch Mountains just South of Salt Lake City, Utah, our beautiful, 13,000 square foot training facility houses classrooms, a world-class spa, and cosmetic laser and injection practical rooms.

Specifically, there are 42 client service rooms and practical stations, 3 lecture halls, 2 practical rooms, conference space, 2 product dispensaries, 2 client consultation offices, 2 fully stocked student break rooms, 2 reception areas, 1 student computer/research room, 1 instructor preparation study, and 12 administrative offices. NIMA is designed to replicate a true working medical spa, which gives our students and course attendees a real-world experience. NIMA’s 1200 & 750 Hour Master Aesthetic courses are nationally accredited by NACCAS, NIMA is a DOE Title IV school, and also recognized by the AAFP to provide CE/CME credited courses. The co-founders of NIMA also own 15 medical spas and laser centers in UT, ID, CO, TX, NV and AZ. Their experience and insight is the foundation for NIMA’s curriculum.
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Q: Do I have to be a licensed aesthetician to enroll in the Comprehensive Laser Certification class?

A: Most states do not require you to have a professional license to become a certified laser technician. Although, most states do have various “levels” of technicians and a professional license may be required to perform certain types or “levels” of cosmetic laser services. In Utah for example, a non-aesthetician can perform cosmetic laser services, but there are more stringent levels of supervision required and technicians are limited to laser hair removal only. Please check with your State Board Licensing division to find out the requirements in your state.
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Q: What is the difference between an aesthetician and a laser technician?

A: An aesthetician has attended the state required minimum hours of education, has passed a state certification, and has received a state regulated professional license to practice aesthetics. Aestheticians train in all types of skin modalities including non-laser treatments such as chemical peels, microdermabrasion, waxing, facials, nail technology, make-up application and skin care products. Depending on the school you attend, your aesthetics training may or may not have included laser specific training. As an aesthetic student at NIMA you will receive approx. 300 hours of medical aesthetic and laser specific training. Laser Technicians are only trained in laser and generally have heightened supervision requirements and are limited in the procedures they can perform.
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A: No. This is one of the many things that makes National Institute of Medical Aesthetics unique. We offer several schedules that only require alternating weekends or no weekends at all.
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Q: How can I make school fit into my work schedule?

A: NIMA offers full-time, part-time and flex-time schedules for both day and evening courses. We care about making our school schedules fit your schedule.
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Q: How much is tuition and what does it include?

A: The tuition for each specific course is listed on the individual course pages. The full 1200 hour master aesthetics course is $15,000 which includes everything you need except your uniform. Most students may qualify for grants or scholarships as well.
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Q: Why should I choose NIMA over other esthetics schools?

A: NIMA is a great choice for esthetics schools. Our facility, our staff and our aesthetics curriculum stand out in the industry. Come visit us for a quick tour, and you’ll know instantly why NIMA should be your choice for an esthetics school.
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Q: How much laser training is included?

A: Approximately 300 hours is dedicated to laser didactic and hands-on training. Once you complete your 100 theory hours, the remainder of your hours will be hands-on training.
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Q: How much time is spent in theory each day?

A: Approximately 3-4 hours per day are spent on theory Monday – Thursday depending on your schedule. The remainder of your time is spent practicing your skills hands-on in The SPA.
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Q: What add-on courses do you offer?

A: Eyelash Extensions, Permanent Cosmetics, Airbrush Make-Up and more.
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Q: Do you have lasers on-site?

A: Yes. NIMA physically owns and has on-site 9 different brand new lasers with 12 different laser technologies. We also may bring in multiple other laser technologies through out your course as demo’s, as well as offer an off-site visit to experience additional technologies.
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Q: Who is your supervising physician?

A: Dr. Jeffrey Ayers, DO is our supervising physician. We are very proud to have Dr. Ayers as the leader of our medical team. Dr. Ayers has an extensive background in medical aesthetics and brings his knowledge to our students hands-on.
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Q: What topics are covered in the comprehensive laser course?

A: The comprehensive laser course covers all non-ablative cosmetic laser services including laser hair removal, skin lightening, skin tightening, non-ablative resurfacing, photo-rejuvenation, tattoo removal, body contouring and vein therapy. All topics are covered in great detail in the didactic portion of the course and then your skills are applied hands-on in our spa. For those wishing to learn ablative skin resurfacing, we offer a stand-alone course.
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Q: Do I have to take this course to perform cosmetic laser services?

A: Most states do require a minimum amount of training to become a certified laser technician. UT requires a minimum of 80 hours of didactic and hands on training prior to performing cosmetic laser services. We recommend that you check with your state regulatory agency to determine your exact requirements. For states requiring more than 80 hour of training, NIMA can provide additional training time. Even in those states that may not yet mandate laser training, most employers are now looking for trained and experienced laser technicians. As better training is becoming available, employers are less willing to spend valuable time training new employees. With laser training you will have a great advantage as you apply for some of the best jobs in the laser industry.
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Q: Do you offer job placement?

A: Yes. Because of our excellent reputation, we have numerous contacts with day spas, medical spas, physicians offices and resorts that are looking exclusively for our graduates. As we receive requests for employees we will connect students with employers.
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Q: Do you help with job placement after graduation?

A: Yes. NIMA graduates have shown to be in demand from many of the industries top employers. During your education NIMA provides courses on resume writing, interviewing skills and networking. We also provide networking opportunities through our Job Fair events. Our Dean of Student Services assists our graduates to help ensure that they get a great start to their career at graduation.
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Q: Who trains your courses?

A: All NIMA courses are trained by a combination of physicians, nurses, licensed master aesthetician instructors and nationally recognized laser representatives. All NIMA instructors come to us with a wealth of real-world industry experience. Our instructors have performed these services in private practice and therefore have the knowledge you need for a great learning experience.
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Q: How can I go to school and still be a full-time mother?

A: Many of our students are mothers that are re-entering the workforce. We offer a wide variety of schedules that work with the demands placed on full-time mothers.
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Q: What schedules do you offer and how long does it take to complete?



  • FULL Time Day = 8 months to complete
  • FLEX Time Day = 11 months to complete


  • FULL Time Eve = 12 months to complete
  • FLEX Time Eve = 15 months to complete
  • PART Time Eve = 19 months to complete

Click here for full schedule details
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Q: Are you accredited?

A: Yes. NIMA’s 1200 & 750 Hour Master Aesthetic courses are nationally accredited by NACCAS; the National Accrediting Commission for Career Arts and Sciences. NACCAS is recognized by the U.S. Department of Education as a national accrediting agency for aesthetics institutions.
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Q: What products does your school use?

A: We use Glymed, Skin Medica, SkinCeuticals, M’Lis, South Seas, Latisse, Revitalash, Mirabella Mineral Makeup and more.
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Q: What is your maximum class size?

A: 16 students maximum per class in our 750 and 1200 hour master aesthetics courses. Please see the specific course pages for all of our add-on courses.
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Q: Where can we find models for our course?

A: Finding models is the easiest part of attending courses at NIMA. For local students, you have the opportunity to bring in your own friends and family to receive services at extremely discounted services, but we also advertise extensively to provide clientele to you for training as well. For students coming from out of state, NIMA will provide models for you. Because you are training in a facility that has an attached spa, we have a robust clientele at our disposal.
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Q: What kind of financing is available for the advanced courses?

A: Some of our courses are eligible for Title IV financial aid. For those courses that are not, we have excellent relationships with private institutions that can provide 100% financing for all of our courses, including travel expenses.
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Q: Are you an accredited school?

A: Yes. NIMA’s 1200 & 750 Hour Master Aesthetic courses are nationally accredited by NACCAS; the National Accrediting Commission for Career Arts and Sciences. Accreditation is a rigorous 2-year process that includes multiple onsite visits and detailed financial evaluations. Attending a NACCAS accredited school ensures that you are attending a viable and reputable facility.
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Q: Will I get a certificate when I complete my training?

A: Yes. All graduates, of all NIMA courses, will receive a full color certificate at the completion of their course.
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Q: What job opportunities are there with an esthetics degree?

A: Common career paths include the hospitality industry, day spas, medical spas, physicians offices, self-employment, training and sales.
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Q: Do you offer financial aid?

A: Yes. NIMA is a Title IV school that accepts Pell Grants and Subsidized and Unsubsidized loans for those who qualify. Our Financial Aid Department will walk you through the entire process of applying for and receiving federal financial aid.
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Q: Other options for paying for school?

A: See our financial aid page for full details. We offer scholarships, grants, private funding and in-house financing.
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Q: What is taught in the 1200 hour/750 hour program?

A: The answer is “a lot”. Please download our Student Catalog for a full break down of our course curriculum.
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Q: What are your placement, completion & licensure rates?

A:Our rates are all above state average, please see our Student Catalog  for these rates.
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Q: Do you have to have a license to take the eyelash extension class?

A: If you intend to practice in UT, you must have an Esthetics or Cosmetology license. If you are not yet licensed, please contact us for more information.
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Q: Do you have to have a license to take the permanent cosmetics class?

A: No, this course is open to non-licensed persons, but you must be registered with the Dept of Health.
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Click here to request more information regarding the NIMA curriculum. NIMA is a medical aesthetics school providing cosmetic laser training in South Jordan that services clients Nationally, with specific trainings throughout Washington, Las Vegas, and the greater Salt Lake City, Utah areas.