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Advance your career as a cosmetic injector with advanced techniques and specialized training.

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4hrs | Half Day
4 AAFP Prescribed CME Credits
Tuition: $750

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NIMA is the leading BOTOX training and cosmetic injection training provider in the United States. Our instructors practice their craft daily in our retail medical spas, which are among the top 10 volume BOTOX practices in the country. For our Specialized Cosmetic injection students, that means that your injection training is being delivered by the nation’s leading experts in cosmetic injections. NIMA instructors are skilled in assessment and application technique for all areas of the face and for all desired results. You will not find more talented, or more experienced, educators than the cosmetic injection trainers at NIMA.

NIMA’s Specialized Injection course provides one on one training for each student in order to refine your skills in full-face assessment and correction. In this injection training,  NIMA teaches you how to evaluate the face and prescribe the ideal treatment program for your client to reach full correction while maintaining a natural look.  Your Specialized Injection training course will include discussions on how to best stage corrections, how to layer treatments and proper product selection for full facial correction.  In this injection training you will also learn advanced techniques that can be used to provide more specialized solutions.  You will work with 1-3 additional models allowing you to further refine your injection skills. This is the ideal course for those injectors that feel confident in basic injection techniques and are looking to take their skill set to the next level.

The Specialized Injections training course is designed for RNs, physicians and mid-levels that have 6+ months of experience performing cosmetic injections or who have previously completed a dermal filler training or BOTOX training. If you are looking for BOTOX courses for nurses, RN BOTOX certification or RN BOTOX training, this course is for you. Students in this course must have a professional license that includes RN, PA, APRN, MD, DO, DDS, DMD or an equivalent license within your state. NIMA recommends that you check with your state regulatory agency to ensure that you have the appropriate licensure to practice these services within your state.


  • This is a hands-on course only


  • Student teacher ration is 1:3
  • Students will receive 1:1 instruction on advanced procedures
  • Each student will work with 1 model and perform full facial aesthetic assessment and full facial correction


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Julie Nielson, RN – Julie Nielson is an ACE certified Allergan trainer along with a National Educator for NIMA. Julie trains physicians and mid-levels all across the country, teaching them both the art and the technical skills needed to create beautiful, natural and long lasting results. When she isn’t training, Julie practices in Salt Lake City in one of the country’s largest cosmetic injections practice.



Traci Peterson, MS, FNP-BC – Traci Peterson has been practicing at Elase Medical Spas as well as educating at the National Institute of Medical Aesthetics for the last 6 years. Traci has has trained dozens of physicians, nurses and mid-levels in the art of cosmetic injections. Traci has an incredible talent for both injecting and education.



Shari Quai, APRN – Shari has practiced cosmetic injections at Elase Medical Spas for the last 10 years as well as worked as Emergency Room nurse for 12 years. Shari received her Masters in Nursing from Westminster College in Salt Lake City, UT. Shari has in incredibly outgoing personality and is a favorite of all students.



Hollie Tyler, NP – Hollie obtained her post-graduate training as a Nurse Practitioner from University of Utah, in Salt Lake City, UT. She moved to Las Vegas in 2011 and worked in Emergency Rooms throughout the Las Vegas Valley. She was introduced to aesthetics and it became her passion. Hollie loves the challenges and new opportunities of aesthetics. She loves education and helping other pursue their passion for a new career.



Dr. Jeffery Ayers – Dr. Ayers received his medical training through the US Navy and continues to practice medicine in Salt Lake City, UT. Dr. Ayers has acted as the Medical Director for NIMA and Elase Medical Spas for 7 years and has been performing cosmetic injections since 2009. Dr. Ayers loves to teach his peers the intricacies of creating beautiful results for their clients. His expertise is among the best in the country, and we are excited to have him at NIMA.

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The National Institute of Medical Aesthetics is the nation’s leader in cosmetic injection training. NIMA instructors come from among the busiest practices in the country, which means that they have the real world experience needed to provide you the very best cosmetic injection education. Our facilities are beautiful, we use every product available on the market and we pack your course with hands-on practice. If you are searching for professional and comprehensive cosmetic injection training, NIMA is the best there is. Watch this short video to see a little bit more about what NIMA has to offer.


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The Anatomy Cadaver class was so much more than just getting the chance to sit next to a cadaver! If you think you know everything there is to know about the layers of the skin, its purpose, and the role it takes in the physiology of the body - you don't. Jonathan's excitement for anatomy is contagious. I am really grateful to have been apart of the class.

Andrea Merrill

I absolutely loved the lash course at Nima! I walked away feeling confident and ready. The one-on-one attention you get is super helpful and made me feel prepared to do something I love.

Liz Mayo, LME

The instructor knew her subject, kept on track, taught effectively and didn't waste time.EXTREMELY impressed. She relates to the real world, shows great tips and tricks. The best course and instructor at NIMA!

Molly Anopol, LME

I just wanted to say how much I appreciated the Spa Mastery Course! I have a new perspective on spa services! The instructor was amazing in sharing how to stay connected to a client making it the best service possible.

Katie Bolley, LME

The permanent cosmetics course was by far my favorite course! It is 3 days of all the information and instruction you need to be a permanent makeup artist. The instructor is professional, fun and very helpful. I have been using my skills now for a year with my own clients, making a great extra income.

Brandi Condie, LME

NIMA’s course and classroom work was really comprehensive. But one of the things that really set NIMA apart for me was the extensive amount of clinical application we received.

Curtis Brimley, DMD

I felt that my time and money was well invested here at NIMA and I would definitely recommend it to anybody.

Heather Sheffield, RN

I’m glad I made the investment in the laser courses at NIMA. It’s changed my life for the better. I’d recommend it to anyone.

Brittany Domichel, LME

Attending this course at NIMA gave me the working knowledge and hands on experience to confidently enter the world of laser technology.

Diane Boles, Career Changer