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Cellulite Therapy


VelaShape™ is the only FDA cleared device that effectively and safely contours, shapes and slims the body by reducing cellulite and firming problem areas in as little as 4 treatments.  The VelaShape combines

VelaShape™ features the revolutionary elōs™combination of Bi-Polar Radiofrequency (RF), Infrared Light Energy, plus Vacuum and Mechanical Massage.

The precise heating ensures a safe, effective, fast treatment with no downtime.
Vacuum and specially designed rollers for the Mechanical Massage smooth out the skin to facilitate safe and efficient heat energy delivery. The net result increases the metabolism of stored energy, increases lymphatic drainage and reduces or shrinks the size of the actual fat cells and fat chambers.

The result:

  • Gradual smoothing of skin’s surface with a noticeable reduction in cellulite
  • Circumferential Reduction, with noticeable reshaping of the treated area

In a clinical multi-center study, 85% of the treated areas reported circumferential reduction of thighs of at least 1cm; ranging up to 7.2cm in reduction.
With VelaShape™ it is easy to enhance your body, improve your lifestyle and feel better about yourself!




M’Lis Body Contouring Treatments and Products

M’Lis Cell-U-Rid Tissue Detox Cleanse - Break down cellulite at its source and reduce water retention with M’lis CELL-U-RID Tissue Detoxifier.  CELL-U-RID contains a combination of pure, natural herbs that work together as a mild herbal diuretic to soften and break down cellulite and help stimulate and strengthen the waste elimination system.

M’Lis Body Contour Body Wrap - Reduce the appearance of cellulite and promote a healthy and permanent inch loss of 4-14 inches per body wrap treatment with M’lis CONTOUR Body Wrap Cream.  Because this is not a water loss wrap, a healthy diet and exercise program will prevent the lost inches from returning.  This cream is also very effective for those suffering from poor circulation and fluid retention.

M’Lis Heat Exercise Gel - Get the most out of your workout with M’lis HEAT Exercise Gel.  When applied before exercising, this innovative gel warms muscles and increases circulation.  Typically, fatty tissues have less circulation, making these areas more difficult to target.  HEAT draws blood to those areas, helping you get maximum results from every workout.

M’Lis Maintain Anti-Cellulite Lotion - Give your skin the tightened and toned look you have always wanted with M’lis MAINTAIN Anti-Cellulite Lotion.  This delicately scented formula was scientifically formulated to increase circulation to cellulite-prone areas, helping to cleanse tissues, remove toxic buildup, and minimize cellulite.

Cellulite Therapy Commonly Asked Questions:

What is cellulite?
What causes cellulite?
How do I get cellulite?
How many treatments do I need?
How do the Velashape and M’Lis wrap work together?

What is cellulite?

Cellulite is the unsightly lumpy, dimpled skin appearance, also known as the ‘cottage cheese’ or ‘orange peel’ appearance. Cellulite consists of fat deposits that appear mainly on the hips, thighs and buttocks.

Cellulite is probably one of the most aesthetically troubling concerns of women – it is estimated 80% of women over the age of 20, regardless of their weight or size are affected by cellulite.

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What causes cellulite?

The skin’s connective tissue surrounds fat cells, which are arranged in chambers. The margins of these chambers contain septae. Over time, the fat cells increase in size and number. This phenomenon together with accumulation of localized edema, push the skin’s surface between the septae in an upward direction. This is what creates the lumpy and dimpled skin appearance, also known as the ‘cottage cheese’ appearance, associated with cellulite.

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How do I get cellulite?

Cellulite is a very common condition, especially among women. Women are basically genetically and hormonally predisposed to cellulite. Smoking makes it worse. Lack of exercise and poor diet (fatty food and little drinking) may enhance the phenomenon.

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How many treatments do I need?

We recommend a series of 4-6 treatments to accomplish your full result.  Each session lasts 20-60 minutes depending on how much area we are treating.  After you have completed a full session, we tell clients to plan on semi-annual treatments to help maintain your results.

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How do the Velashape and M’Lis wrap work together?

When used together the Velashape and M’Lis wrap can offer you phenomenal results.  We recommend that clients start their treatment session with the M’Lis cleanse to

Step 1: Cell-U-Rid Tissue Detoxifier – shed the toxins from your system that can contribute to unwanted cellulite and inches.

Step 2: M’Lis Contour Body Wrap – in a single session shed up to a total of 9″ of circumference.  Eliminate the toxins and excess water to make your Velashape treatments even more targeted.

Step 3: Velashape contouring treatments – target your stubborn areas, smooth cellulite and soften stubborn areas of fat with the powerful Velashape.

Step 4: M’Lis Maintain Anti-Cellulite Lotion – help maintain your results in between treatments by increasing circulation in those cellulite prone areas.

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