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Learn to do a full brazilian in less than 15 minutes while keeping your client comfortable.

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8hrs | 1 Day
Tuition: $600
Kit Value: $150

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Waxing is a staple for every spa, salon or resort. The faster you are the happier your clients will be and the greater your earning potential will be. The Advanced Waxing course at NIMA is all about waxing with speed and comfort. You will learn the techniques that allow you to keep a client comfortable while completing a brazilian in under 15 minutes. Students will work with both male and female models while they practice to refine their waxing skills. The waxing course comes with a kit valued at $150 that includes everything you’ll need to start providing services. This course is ideal for students that have already learned the basics of waxing and are licensed to perform this service within their state. Common licenses include ME, RN, PA, APRN, MD, DO. NIMA recommends that you check with your state to determine the licenses necessary within your area of practice.


  • This course is primarily hands-on and is filled with model practice time.


  • Brazilian shaping and technique
  • Manzilian technique*
  • Professional draping technique

*Manzilian may be performed as a demo only. Students are encouraged to speak with course coordinator to schedule hands-on models.


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April 12th, 2019
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Andrea Miller: After a decade long career in the corporate business world, Andrea took a leap of faith and followed her dream to become a Master Aesthetician. Her passion for inspiring women to feel more confident in themselves, and their bodies through waxing services started while she was in school and has turned into a rewarding career. She excels at helping her students understand that waxing is an integral part of the esthetics industry and that it is a field that can be highly lucrative. She loves helping her students pave the way to great skills, technique and confidence through their waxing services.

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The Anatomy Cadaver class was so much more than just getting the chance to sit next to a cadaver! If you think you know everything there is to know about the layers of the skin, its purpose, and the role it takes in the physiology of the body - you don't. Jonathan's excitement for anatomy is contagious. I am really grateful to have been apart of the class.

Andrea Merrill

I absolutely loved the lash course at Nima! I walked away feeling confident and ready. The one-on-one attention you get is super helpful and made me feel prepared to do something I love.

Liz Mayo, LME

The instructor knew her subject, kept on track, taught effectively and didn't waste time.EXTREMELY impressed. She relates to the real world, shows great tips and tricks. The best course and instructor at NIMA!

Molly Anopol, LME

I just wanted to say how much I appreciated the Spa Mastery Course! I have a new perspective on spa services! The instructor was amazing in sharing how to stay connected to a client making it the best service possible.

Katie Bolley, LME

The permanent cosmetics course was by far my favorite course! It is 3 days of all the information and instruction you need to be a permanent makeup artist. The instructor is professional, fun and very helpful. I have been using my skills now for a year with my own clients, making a great extra income.

Brandi Condie, LME

NIMA’s course and classroom work was really comprehensive. But one of the things that really set NIMA apart for me was the extensive amount of clinical application we received.

Curtis Brimley, DMD

I felt that my time and money was well invested here at NIMA and I would definitely recommend it to anybody.

Heather Sheffield, RN

I’m glad I made the investment in the laser courses at NIMA. It’s changed my life for the better. I’d recommend it to anyone.

Brittany Domichel, LME

Attending this course at NIMA gave me the working knowledge and hands on experience to confidently enter the world of laser technology.

Diane Boles, Career Changer