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Aesthetician | NIMA

NIMA provides aesthetics licensure programs as well as continuing education for already licensed aestheticians and cosmetologists. Our aesthetic based courses include:

Q: How do I become an Aesthetician?
A: NIMA offers a 1200 hour (link to 1200hr master aesthetics course page), a 750 hour ((link to 750 hr master aesthetics course page) and an online (link to online page) Master Aesthetics program in our Salt Lake City campus. This program is based on the UT state licensure, however, most states will accept and transfer the UT license. The laser training component of our UT school also satisfies the requirements for both AZ and TX.
Q: What is the difference between a laser technician and an aesthetician.
A: An aesthetician is a professional license that requires anywhere from 600 – 1400 hours to complete. At the completion of hours, applicants are required to pass a state administered exam, and then they receive a state issued license. (If you are interested in becoming an aesthetician, NIMA offers the national premier Master Aesthetics program in our Salt Lake City campus.) The term "laser technician" is usually used in those states that allow you to perform laser services with only a certificate that documents training, and do not require you to also have a professional license. Aestheticians can also be considered laser technicians if they have received training in laser services, but laser technicians are not aestheticians.
Q: What services can an aesthetician perform?
A: Licensure requirement vary from state to state. In general, licensed aestheticians can perform the majority of advanced aesthetic, body contouring and cosmetic laser services under varying levels of medical supervision. Most states do not allow aestheticians to perform cosmetic injections or more aggressive laser procedures such as CO2 or Erbium procedures.
Q: What kind of supervision do I need to perform laser services?
A: Supervision requirements vary from state to state. We recommend that prior to enrolling you check with the local agency that regulates your license or the physician’s license. They should be able to give you specifics on current supervision laws. In the absence of any state regulations, we highly recommend that you partner with a supervising physician before offering these services to the public.
Q: Do the continuing education courses qualify me to perform services?
A: Not necessarily. These courses will provide you with a certificate that documents your theory and hands-on hours completed. Our courses satisfy most every states training requirements, however most states also require that you have an active license in addition to minimum training requirements. Many states will require that you submit your certificate prior to practicing or prior to obtaining your license. It is important that you understand your own state’s regulations prior to enrolling in any course offered by NIMA.
Q: What kind of career services do you offer?
A: NIMA provides ample networking opportunities and our alumni and corporate networks are extensive. We do not guarantee job placement, however we will help refer our best graduates to good positions across the country. Our placement rates for our Master Aesthetics programs are very high and our continuing education graduates are in high demand.
Q: How much hands-on practice will I receive?
A: Although many schools will tell you that they offer you more hands-on, NIMA truly stands out in this area of your education. Our curriculums are based off of our real world experience running medical spas. We know what it takes to be successful. And we know that success starts when you leave feeling confident. Approximately 50% of your education will be hands-on, working with the public, performing consultations and doing treatments. Our state of the art spa and educational facility are designed specifically to enhance your education and allow you to function as if you were working in a medical spa.
Q: What laser equipment do you use?
A: NIMA is a national training partner for several of the largest laser manufacturers in the world. We are experts on a wide variety of modalities and laser models. We are unique because we don’t rent our lasers, we don’t buy used, we don’t rely on sales reps to bring equipment in. We invest in your education. We work with every major manufacturer (Zeltique, Lumenis, Cynosure, SyneronCandela, Cutera, Alma, Allergan, Merz, Medicis) and we own every single modality that is on the market today.
Q: How many people are in the courses?
A: We keep our courses small. We focus on a personalized approach and allow plenty of time for one on one teaching, hands-on experience and question and answer. Our Master Aesthetics courses max at 16 students. Our continuing education courses range from 8-15 attendees.
Q: If I’m traveling to attend the course, what do I need to know?
A: If you are coming to a course in Las Vegas, check out our Vegas Info page. If you are attending a course at any of our partner school locations, our enrollment specialist will provide you with flight, car rental and hotel recommendations. If you are relocating to attend the Master Aesthetics program in UT, our Dean of Students will work with you.
Q: Who is teaching the courses?
A: All of our courses are taught by licensed and experience professionals. Injection courses are taught by Nurse Practitioners, MDs and DOs. Registered Nurses andMaster Aestheticians teach our laser and advanced aesthetics courses. Licensed instructors teach our Master Aesthetics program. Our business courses are taught by nationally recognized leaders in the medical aesthetics industry. All of our instructors are industry experts first. They come to NIMA with a wealth of knowledge and experience.
Q: Is financing available?
A: Yes. We offer several in-house financing options. Please visit our Financing FAQs for more information.