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NIMA Is The Nations Leading Aesthetician School


NIMA is the nation’s leading provider of medical aesthetics education. Our team of physicians, aesthetic nurses, estheticians, and business experts offer an unparalleled educational experience for our students. Our experience sets us apart as an aesthetics institute – we have also owned and operated successful medspas across the country, for over a decade. We draw on our operational knowledge to develop the most modern and effective curriculum for you. When we say “real world application”, we mean it. Out of all of the beauty schools in Salt Lake City, our courses have helped thousands of estheticians, technicians, business owners, and physicians achieve greater clinical results and maximize the success of their practices. You will learn more about the courses we offer at our beauty schools in Utah (esthetics school) throughout our website. A Premier esthetics school Salt Lake.



CoolSculpting Utah

CoolSculting Utah offers a unique way to remove fat. As the only FDA-approved fat removal treatment, get quick results in as little as three to eight weeks. Try out this method to get permanent results. After you see how amazing you’ll look, you’ll even likely start taking better care of yourself! There are side effects, just like all treatments, but since it’s a non-invasive treatment and is not surgery, the side effects are much less significant than if it was. Check out more info about CoolSculpting!

Medical Esthetician School Near Me

The Medical Esthetician School online program was created to help getting your aesthetics license easier. About 25% of your study (300 hours) will be done over an online platform.  All practical learning and examinations will be done on-campus. The online program is best for busy mothers, professionals, and those who commute a long way to school.

Medical Spa School

NIMA is a medical spa school in Salt Lake City. We believe we are unique because our studies are based off many years of experience running retail medical spas. NIMA is more than just book studies, and at NIMA you learn from real professionals and perfect your work on real clients. Request information today.

Aesthetics School in Utah

NIMA is an aesthetics school in Utah. We know we are exceptional in light of the fact that our courses are based off numerous years running retail aesthetic spas. NIMA is something more than just book school, and at NIMA you gain from genuine experts and hone in your work on genuine customers. Get Salt Lake City Aesthetics School Information today.

Top Notch Salt Lake City Esthetics School

The Salt Lake City Esthetics School program was made to help getting your esthetics license locally. Practical learning and examinations are included. This program is the best for those who want to further their career with esthetics school.

Salt Lake Aesthetics School

NIMA is a Salt Lake Aesthetics School. Make sure to apply and start working towards advancing your aesthetics career today

Basic Esthetician School in Utah

Are you looking for a Basic Esthetician School Utah or nearby? You are at the right place. Enroll online today. Salt Lake City beauty school.

Beauty School Sandy Utah

We are a beauty school in Sandy Utah. The right beauty school for you. Apply now for more information. Medical aesthetician school.

Local Medical Esthetician School

We are your local medical esthetician school. We offer comprehensive programs to help you with a career-focused education. NIMA helps you prepare for becoming a medical esthetician. Fill out our form to request more information and get started on the next step towards your education today. Medical esthetics programs.

Salt Lake City Beauty School – Best medical aesthetician school

As a premier SLC beauty school, we are proud to provide extensive scholarly progress to assist in your schooling focused on preparing for a career. NIMA will provide resources to aid in your journey in esthetics and beauty. Contact us on our website to get additional info and begin your learning now.

Best medical aesthetician school near you

If you are looking for the best medical aesthetician school closeby, the right place is at your fingertips. Request information now.

Start Your Med Spa Training Today

Begin your journey to a new career path today. Enroll in our med spa training course and start changing lives today. Submit your information online and get registered soon. Don’t wait to start on the path to a fulfilling career. Sign up now for the best aesthetics course available.

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Enroll in Aesthetician School

Get ready for your new career in aesthetics. Enroll in aesthetician school and start living your dream. Revamp your professional life and help other people look how they’ve always wanted to. Sign up online and start learning skills for a great career. Fill out our form and start your exciting new life today! When you search for Esthiology schools near me, consider NIMA.

Learn from the Best Esthetician School Near You

Get training from the best esthetician school near you. Your new life as an esthetician is right around the corner. Enroll using our simple online application form and start learning something you’re passionate about. Get the most out of your life and help others get the most out of theirs.

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